All the Things that Happened on S1E4 of American Idol: Group 1 Results Show

0:11 Opening credits. 0:43 Ryan and Brian are both wearing khakis. 2:04 Paula tries to deliver a zinger, fails badly. 4:23 I am reasonably confident that Ryan is NOT wearing a pukka shell necklace. 8:03 Tamyra Gray is the first person put through to the next round. 10:38 “Weakest Link” joke. 13:26 Ryan Starr gets … Read more

Not-Exactly-Live-Blogging American Idol Season 1 Episode 2: Not-Exactly-Hollywood Week

The first ever “Hollywood” Week was held in Pasadena, which is at least somewhat closer to being Hollywood than Anaheim is to being Los Angeles, so they’re already one up on a certain major league baseball team. Personally, I never cared much for Hollywood week, wherever it was located. There were rarely any memorable performances, … Read more