Daisy Bateman

Travelling by Tivo

I think I may spend more time preparing for this trip than I actually will on the road. Right now I’m wasting my time watching travel shows, which I’ve been recording using the search function on my Tivo. What I’ve learned so far is that travel show hosts are terminally perky, and their shows are … Read more

The Issue of the Car

I think I’ve mentioned that this is going to be a driving trip, so one might assume that there would be a car involved. So far, one would be wrong. My primary problem is, while I do want to drive across the country, I’m not particularly interested in driving back. You see the problem. Also, … Read more

Prep work

I suspect that I may like planning trips more than I like going on them. Not that I don’t like travelling, obviously, but there’s just something about reading a guidebook. You stay in all the best hotels, eat all the best food and never get lost, sick or bored. Of course, you don’t actually go … Read more

The plan

So, here’s the plan. On March 31 I will depart the Bay Area, in a vehicle TBD, and head for Las Vegas. Assuming any of my lazy friends ever get around to responding to my evite, they will meet me there and we will have a weekend of fun and frolic and senseless loss of … Read more

Might as well get started

Okay, so it seems I’ve got the preliminaries out of the way; I guess I might as well start writing in this thing. Of course, the trip I mean to be writing about won’t start for more than a month, but I’ve never let a lack of anything to say keep me from saying it … Read more