Daisy Bateman

The plan

So, here’s the plan. On March 31 I will depart the Bay Area, in a vehicle TBD, and head for Las Vegas. Assuming any of my lazy friends ever get around to responding to my evite, they will meet me there and we will have a weekend of fun and frolic and senseless loss of money. (Although I, personally, do not plan to gamble much, as I am bad at card games and think playing slot machines is about as much fun as feeding a parking meter. But I digress. I’ll be doing that a lot.) Once we all sober up, they will head back to their relatively sensible lives and I will hit the road, destination Grand Canyon. From there it’s across Arizona and New Mexico to Santa Fe, then down (through Roswell!) to Carlsbad and the caverns. After that I mean to pick up I-10, then lose it again as I go through Austin, but find it in time for Houston (passing through) and New Orleans (staying several days). I figure I’ll follow the Gulf Coast through Florida, visit my grandfather in Fort Meyers and eventually end up in Key West. Or, I’ll get lost and break down somewhere in west Texas, never to be heard from again. One of the two.

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