Daisy Bateman

Since I’m doing pictures

Miss Marple Originally uploaded by Daisyj. I finally managed to ambush my cat. She may never trust me again.(Note the tasteful disarray of obects on the table- intentional, of course.)

More car

Inside Originally uploaded by Daisyj. Here’s the interior. At some point I’m going to learn how to put two pictures into one post.

The Car

Outside Originally uploaded by Daisyj. Here it is, the car I am about to be spending my next month in, more or less. Pretty nice, huh?

Things To Do After I Leave

I’ve been thinking about things I want to do on this trip, and I thought I would post some of them as a list here. Because it’s just not a vacation without bullet points. – Gamble in Las Vegas – Eat at a buffet in same – Hike in the Grand Canyon – Look at … Read more

Things To Do Before I Leave

There are a few things I have to do to get ready for this trip. Here are the ones I can remember at the moment: 1. Get maps2. Find sleeping bags for my brother and his friend3. Clean the litterbox4. Clean the birdcage5. Practice driving the car, at least once6. My taxes7. Remember all of … Read more

Ridiculous Expenditures

I’ve been preparing for this trip in the way I prepare for (or recover from) pretty much anything: by shopping. For the most part it’s nothing too exciting- some warm-weather clothing, an expandable bag for things I pick up on the way. And then I bought a swimsuit. Well, you say, that doesn’t sound too … Read more


It’s t-minus eleven days and I think I have a general idea of what my schedule is going to be. Some of it is kind of ambiguous; for days when I’m in transit between stops I plan to just spend the night wherever I fid a motel that doesn’t look like it would attract too … Read more


I just realized that I’m leaving on this trip in less than two weeks. I feel like I should be doing something about that.

Things are shaping up

Woohoo! The car issue is finally settled. Not only does my brother want to drive it back, he wants to use his car (a giant, cushy boat of a Mercury Grand Marquis, if you can believe it. He’s twenty-one). There was a brief moment of uncertainty when it seemed that he wanted to leave from … Read more