Daisy Bateman

Ridiculous Expenditures

I’ve been preparing for this trip in the way I prepare for (or recover from) pretty much anything: by shopping. For the most part it’s nothing too exciting- some warm-weather clothing, an expandable bag for things I pick up on the way. And then I bought a swimsuit. Well, you say, that doesn’t sound too … Read more


It’s t-minus eleven days and I think I have a general idea of what my schedule is going to be. Some of it is kind of ambiguous; for days when I’m in transit between stops I plan to just spend the night wherever I fid a motel that doesn’t look like it would attract too … Read more

Things are shaping up

Woohoo! The car issue is finally settled. Not only does my brother want to drive it back, he wants to use his car (a giant, cushy boat of a Mercury Grand Marquis, if you can believe it. He’s twenty-one). There was a brief moment of uncertainty when it seemed that he wanted to leave from … Read more