Daisy Bateman

This could be a problem

I think I may have identified a problem with doing this travel-blog thing: I don’t seem to be too interested in writing in it when I’m travelling. I just got back from Left Coast Crime in El Paso, a city not particularly noted for its ocean frontage. I had a very nice time, even if I did end up getting another look at a storm that had already hit me back home. On the plus side, I felt a lot less like a geek at a junior high school dance than I did last year (not that I’d have any idea what that’s like). But, to get back on topic for a second here, even though I was able to successfully use the wireless internet in the hotel lobby, I felt no impulse to write regular bulletins on my thoughts and feelings to share with the world. I am going to have to work on getting a lot more self-involved if I want this blogging thing to work.

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