Daisy Bateman

No wonder they hate us

So, since I recently travelled by plane (twice!) it should come as absolutely no surprise that I have acquired a lovely head cold. My brain function having been reduced to essentially zero, I’ve been spending the day watching more travel programs from my Tivo, including one on the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. And I have to say, if an hour of promotional material, complete with stock footage from the hotel itself, can’t make your property look appealling, you might have a problem. Even the announcer seemed kind of unimpressed. Apparently, Paris is a quaint, tidy little city populated entirely by street performers and attractive waitresses and constructed largely from plastic. Also, it’s indoors. With establishments like ‘Le Car Rental’. As one of the patrons said, “It really reminds me of Paris. I mean, I’ve never been there, but this really makes me feel like I have.”

Man, I must be grumpy today.

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