Daisy Bateman


It’s t-minus eleven days and I think I have a general idea of what my schedule is going to be. Some of it is kind of ambiguous; for days when I’m in transit between stops I plan to just spend the night wherever I fid a motel that doesn’t look like it would attract too many axe murderers. Barring that, here’s the plan:

April 2: Leave home
2-3: Driving to Vegas
3-4: Vegas! (Stratosphere)
4: En route to Grand Canyon
5: Grand Canyon
5 (late)-7: Grand Canyon to Santa Fe
7-9: Santa Fe
9: Santa Fe to Carlsbad (through Roswell! (lunch))
10: Carlsbad Caverns
10 (late)-12: El Paso
12-13: El Paso to Austin
13-15: Austin
15-17: Austin to New Orleans
17-21: New Orleans
21-24 (approx): New Orleans to Key West
24 (approx.)-?: Key West
?-?+2: Miami
?+2-?+3: Fort Meyers
?+3: Fly home. Resolve to never go anywhere ever again.

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