Days 24&25- Key West

In the spirit of the Keys, posting will now become lazy and unreliable.Yesterday was adjustment day, when I tried to shift from ‘go’ mode to ‘you don’t have to go anywhere’ mode. It wasn’t easy. I found myself charging from one tourist site to another, scheduling as I went. It’s not that I have to … Read more

Day 23- I Guess I Made It

When I wrote the following section yesterday I had been driving all day, in more traffic than I wanted, with the predictable effects on my mood. Plus, the A’s were losing. I’m leaving it in for historical purposes, but I want to start over (see below).[Well, here I am in Key West- mile marker zero. … Read more


It occured to me last night that I’ve been doing two different kinds of driving on this trip, and which one I’ve been doing has a determining effect on my mood for the day. There’s the good driving, where it’s just me, the car, a whole lot of semis and the occasional state trooper. That’s … Read more