Daisy Bateman

Day 26- Definitely the Humidity

Looks like I spoke too soon. Of course, as soon as I bragged about the weather, I woke up to the sound of cars driving through the rain. I was wondering how this would affect breakfast, which is served out on the porch, and the answer turned out to be that it didn’t. But it … Read more

You Want To Know How Humid It Is Here?

It is so humid that even now, at practically midnight, the aircondtioning in my room is making water condense on my windows. That strikes me as being humid.(I am still awake because I am following the A’s game on the web. I’m about to give up and go to bed. At least they finally managed … Read more

Days 24&25- Key West

In the spirit of the Keys, posting will now become lazy and unreliable.Yesterday was adjustment day, when I tried to shift from ‘go’ mode to ‘you don’t have to go anywhere’ mode. It wasn’t easy. I found myself charging from one tourist site to another, scheduling as I went. It’s not that I have to … Read more

Day 23- I Guess I Made It

When I wrote the following section yesterday I had been driving all day, in more traffic than I wanted, with the predictable effects on my mood. Plus, the A’s were losing. I’m leaving it in for historical purposes, but I want to start over (see below).[Well, here I am in Key West- mile marker zero. … Read more

Day 22- Clearwater to Somewhere Near Miami

Laundry day! Yup, I ran out of clean underwear. Fortunately, I had been saving my quarters and the hotel had a laundry room. Unfortunately, the dryer was been hogged by a couple from the hotel next door, and when I indicated that I needed to get my clothes dried because I had to check out, … Read more

Day 21- St. George Island to Clearwater

I think you get the idea of what I think about driving in Florida, so I’ll leave that part to your imagination. That doesn’t leave me much to write about, though. The hotel had a strict checkout time, so I got out of the room, left the car in the parking lot and went for … Read more


It occured to me last night that I’ve been doing two different kinds of driving on this trip, and which one I’ve been doing has a determining effect on my mood for the day. There’s the good driving, where it’s just me, the car, a whole lot of semis and the occasional state trooper. That’s … Read more

Day 20- One Day, Four States, Two Time Zones

New Orleans was great. We had a good time, saw just about everything we wanted to see, ate everything we could bear to eat and it didn’t end up feeling like a forced march through tourism. Mom’s flight left early this morning, so there was no sleeping in today. We made it to the airport … Read more

Day 19- Last Day In New Orleans

Today was a day for repeats and relaxing. I misread my watch and overslept, getting up at ten when I thought it was nine. I wasn’t that interested in breakfast anyway, after crawfishpalooza, but I got some tea and strawberries and we got our touring underway. We spent a good part of the day touring … Read more