Daisy Bateman

Day 4

In Which Daisy Discovers That, Contrary to Appearances, She Is In Pretty Good Shape.
Today I went to the Grand Canyon, which was indeed grand. (Actually, it was pretty freakin’ awesome, but I guess the Pretty Freakin’ Awesome Canyon didn’t have the right ring to it.) Anyway, the snow was gone and the weather was perfect- clear and just cold enough to be comfortable after a couple of hours hiking. I hiked down the Kaibab trail, about a mile and a half into the canyon to an overlook point. I took water, lemonade and two bags of trail mix of my own formulation (top secret, of course) and had a nice snack at the turnaround. The hike was listed taking about four hours, seeing as it had an elevation change of about a thousand feet, but I did it in two and a half (including snack break). I realize that this is just bragging, but damn it, there’s no one here for me to brag to and I’m fairly pleased with myself. I did take regular breaks to look out over the canyon and say ‘wow’. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures, at least not until later, because when I got out of the car and took out my camera to start taking pictures of this incredibly photogenic natural wonder I got a charming message telling me I needed to charge my battery. So I bought a little disposable camera and used every picture on it, but it’ll be a while before I could get them on the blog.
Later I walked along the rim and saw a couple of condors and some molting elk. I could say more, but by now you’re bored and I’m tired, so I’m going to bed. ‘Night.

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