Daisy Bateman

Day 5

Fifth day, fourth state, second La Quinta. I meant to stop in Gallup tonight, but I made it to Albuquerque instead, because of baseball. You see, the A’s were playing today, against the Orioles, and the game started at 4 (that’s Arizona time, which is Mountain Standard without daylight savings. No, I don’t get it either.) But I got to Gallup at about 4:30 and my radio only works in the car so, since I was going to be sitting in the car anyway, I figured I might as well be going somewhere. I did miss the second inning, which was too bad because the A’s scored five runs, but I had an important stop to make. I’d been reading this book, Roadfood (which was a Christmas present from my mom, who appears to be orchestrating this whole trip) and I have been determined to try some of the restaurants mentioned therein. There was one in Gallup, the Eagle Cafe, and I will say I was not disappointed. The meal was great, the atmosphere undeniably authentic, and I did get to catch the next four runs in the nine-to-nothing shutout.
I also saw the petrified forest today, which clearly wasn’t as interesting to me as the baseball game. There are lots of rocks there that look like trees, plus some ancient graffiti (damn kids with their damn petroglyphs). I took many pictures, which may make it here in some form.

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