Daisy Bateman

Day 6

A short day, and a relatively calm one. Today I drove from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, where I am staying with my second cousin Melinne and her husband Paul, who have kindly agreed to put me up for a couple of nights. Santa Fe isn’t that far from Albuquerque, a little over fifty miles, so I spent some time in the morning at a bookstore I had heard about. Then I spent some more time looking for a place where I could connect to the internet, because I had forgotten to get the directions to the house from my email before I left the hotel. That didn’t go to well. I found a Starbucks, but it turned out that, while I could get on there, they wanted me to pay for it, and I wasn’t having any of that. Then I got to the bookstore and found that while my handy wifi-detecting key chain and the signs in the windows said they had access there, my computer begged to differ. So finally I called my mom and had her get the directions for me, and it all worked out in the end. Someday, this will seem like a quaint, old-fashioned problem.
Tomorrow I am going to see Santa Fe, which I anticipate enjoying.

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