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Day 8- Driving and Roswell

Have just been blown across New Mexico, Santa Fe to Carlsbad; arrived none the worse for the wear. The winds that hit us yesterday on the way to see the ruins came back today, in force. I had about three hundred miles to go today and they chased me all the way down, which wasn’t great for driving. But I made it to Roswell just fine, and saw the UFO museum. It has the appearance of an extended fifth-grade science project- complete with posterboards and dioramas, but of course it’s convincing enough if you’re ready to take their word for it. They lost me with the crop circles though. Actually, they lost me at the door, but the crop circles really did it. Especially the one with the alien face. But the people there seemed very nice, and really, what’s so wrong about mining human gullibility? It’s a renewable resource. Speaking of gullibility, I got my tchotchkas. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I got the five-dollar grab bag. A tiny stuffed alien, a beanbag alien keychain, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, an eraser and a bouncy, glow-in-the-dark Saturn.
I picked my hotel in Carlsbad based on having free internet, so I could post this for you (don’t you feel special?). When dinner time came, I looked around and said, “What do you eat in southeast New Mexico? Chinese!” I probably shouldn’t have gotten the lemon chicken.
Tomorrow: Daisy Goes Underground.

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  1. Mongolian beef is definitely the choice for southeast New Mexico. I’m surprised you didn’t know that! I gave your URL to Grandpa James over the phone this afternoon, and he says he’s going to try to log on.

  2. Hi,
    I finally came across the note where i wrote down my blogspot so let’s see if this works. Dad and I heard Chanticleer sing with the Philharmonia Baroque last night–an amazing concert. Dad’s Slavianka concert Saturday night was also excellent and very well attended.


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