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Day 12- Even more Texas

Hey Mary, remember when you predicted that I would be sitting in my car somewhere in Texas, stealing internet and listening to an A’s game? Well, you didn’t know I would be eating dinner too, did you? Shows how much you know.
Today started out okay, and then it went downhill. I forgot to get gas before leaving Ozona, so I was cutting it a bit close getting to the gas stations in Junction. (Named for Dale Junction, a key player in the history of west Texas. I believe he invented the shrub.) The scenery got better after I left I-10 and got on the highway to Austin. I was driving through the Hill Country, which is undeniably pretty and absolutely infested with wildflowers. I stopped for lunch in Fredericksburg, also pretty, a little tourist town which is apparently where the old people in Texas go when they swarm. I had a nice time, walking around looking at the shops, but unfortunately the new shoes I was wearing didn’t, and I ended up with a badly blistered heel. Then I got to Austin, and discovered that my approach of driving in random directions and hoping I would end up at my hotel wasn’t exactly reliable. Then I tried actually using my map, and that didn’t work much better. Plus there was lots of traffic and I couldn’t get the AC to work. Then I got to the hotel (another La Quinta, I had used points I had earned for a free night) and discovered my room absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke. I got another one, discovered the Coke machine didn’t work and ended up walking barefoot (because of the blister) across the parking lot to use the one at the Days Inn. Are you sick of my whining yet? Yeah, me too. I made a reservation at a nicer, more centrally located hotel for tomorrow, and I made sure they had internet. I’m just wondering, mom, did you actually say there would be days like this? I might not have been listening.

Plus, Bo was in the bottom two and Nadia left while Scott (Scott!) made it another week.

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  1. Yes, you are whining but in a very entertaining way so it is OK 🙂 The A’s actually managed to win last night –did you listen to the whole game? I gave up when the Jay’s got their first run. Hope today is better.


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