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Day 14- Guess where I am? Texas!

In Which Daisy Hits An Outlet Mall, With Damage to Both (Not literally, Zach, your car is fine.)
Left Austin today, and headed east. Actually, first I headed south, and stopped at the outlet mall in San Marcos. It was a pretty good one- kind of Gilroyesque- and I learned that clothes shopping when you’re tired of the stuff you packed is a lot like grocery shopping when you’re hungry. I ended up with four shirts (two t-shirts, one polo, one knit), two skirts and two pairs of shoes, so I guess it wasn’t exactly disastrous. Then I drove to Houston. There is nothing interesting to say about driving to Houston. Sorry.

1 thought on “Day 14- Guess where I am? Texas!”

  1. Daisy,
    I sent you an email yesterday but it occurs to me that I sent it from work so if you reply to it I won’t see it before I leave for New Orleans. I’ll be arriving on Southwest Flight 816 at 2:15 PM. Do you remember the name of the hotel we have reservations at?
    Love Mom


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