Daisy Bateman

Worst Reality Show Ever

(I know this has nothing to do with being on topic, but it’s my blog and I can diverge if I want to.)

I’ve seen this link on a couple of blogs lately, and it reminded me of some ideas I’ve had for the worst possible reality show:

Homeless Idol: Singing vagrants compete for a crown- the winner gets job training and regular medication, the losers go back on the street. Viewers vote by tossing ‘virtual quarters’ into their favorite’s Big Gulp cup.

Who Gets The Kid?: Divorced parents compete in a series of physical and mental challenges to determine who gets primary custody of their children.

Celebrity Roulette

Lost in a Lifeboat: Ten contestants in a lifeboat with limited rations; every time they eliminate a competitor they receive a supply of meat equal to his or her weight.

America’s Next Top Taxidermist

Feel free to suggest some of your own.

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