Daisy Bateman


It occured to me last night that I’ve been doing two different kinds of driving on this trip, and which one I’ve been doing has a determining effect on my mood for the day. There’s the good driving, where it’s just me, the car, a whole lot of semis and the occasional state trooper. That’s actually pretty relaxing, except for the part with the trooper, and I generally get where I’m going in good spirits. And then there is the bad, or ‘Florida’, driving, where it’s me, the car, a zillion other people and their cars, most of them so tiny and old that they can barely see over their own enormous steering wheels, plus some random lunatics, plus speed limits that change approximately every fifty feet. This is not relaxing, and even when where I’m going is on a beautiful secluded beach on the Gulf of Mexico, it isn’t a happy thing. What I’m saying is, I may be kind of grumpy for the next couple of days.

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