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Day 22- Clearwater to Somewhere Near Miami

Laundry day! Yup, I ran out of clean underwear. Fortunately, I had been saving my quarters and the hotel had a laundry room. Unfortunately, the dryer was been hogged by a couple from the hotel next door, and when I indicated that I needed to get my clothes dried because I had to check out, they helpfully suggested that there were laudromats down the street I could use. But, again fortunately, the lady who was using the other dryer came in and got her clothes at that point, so bloodshed was avioded.
Driving was a lot better today, though still Florida-esque. After weeks of using the left lane for passing only, it’s hard to adjust to the idea that people feel free to drive in it at ten miles below the speed limit. I stopped for lunch in Sarasota, the sort of town that plays Kenny G music over its public address system. Then I drove on to where I am now, which is a Best Western south of Miami, where I stopped because it was late and I was tired of driving. I thought the trip was uneventful, which means that I am either very unobservant or very lucky (and I think we’ve established that I am not lucky), because watching the news tonight it seems that there were horrible accidents all along my route. I am just going to assume that there is no connection here.
I finally made a reservation in Key West, which is good, because I’ll be there tomorrow. The guy at the listing service (reccomended by my guidebook) was very helpful, and the first person so far to take any interest in my trip. The place he found me is a B&B that looks very nice, and had better be- even discounted, it’s pricey. I’ll be there until Friday, when I head back up to Miami. I still haven’t made my reservations for my return flight, but I’m planning to do that tonight.

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  1. Hi, Daisy! Re the accidents along the route — I’m imagining cars swerved off into the ditches/canals along the highway with drivers scratching their heads (blue haired heads at that!) saying, “Did you see that? Typical Californian — needs to drive at the speed limit.” And, to that, I say (often), “Not everyone is retired!!!”

    Aunt Janis and I found the same problem during our trip to Fort Myers in February. The experience made us revert to the high school drivers’ mentality. Aunt Janis became the “lookout” encouraging me (i.e., exclaiming “NOW”) to pass the slowpokes. Unfortunately, my depth perception — or lack thereof — didn’t allow me to take the opportunities, most of the time. However, I had no problem passing on the right, zooming past the offending driver, and cutting back into the lane to leave him/her eating my dust. (This is a time-honored practice in the Northeast. Except for the dust part — unless the salt and sand deposited the previous winter can be considered dust.) Here in North Carolina, everyone thinks they’re NASCAR drivers which is pretty scary even for a seasoned, aggressive New England transplant.

    So, it’s on to Key West! Is it Sloppy Joe’s that everyone must visit?

    Enjoy the rest of your trip! I look forward to reading your reports.

    Love, Aunt Judy


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