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Day 23- I Guess I Made It

When I wrote the following section yesterday I had been driving all day, in more traffic than I wanted, with the predictable effects on my mood. Plus, the A’s were losing. I’m leaving it in for historical purposes, but I want to start over (see below).
[Well, here I am in Key West- mile marker zero. Technically, I guess this is the end of the cross-country portion of my trip- I’ve got some driving left, but it’s driving back, which doesn’t really count. It’s kind of funny; I set this goal of driving across the country to Key West, and I made it, but I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished anything. I guess that’s what happens when you set a goal that’s completely pointless and arbitrary. I saw the Atlantic today.]
Okay, now let’s try this again:
Today I drove from the Miami area to Key West, along Highway 1 through the Keys. The scenery was fantastic and the weather was beautiful, and if it wasn’t for the other cars it would have been just about a perfect drive. (See? I’m much happier now. Too bad the internet is down and I don’t know when I’ll post this.) The sand was white, the water was toilet-cleaner blue and for some reason I found that pop music from the forties was the ideal accompaniment to the drive.
I reached Key West around four, and found the hotel without any trouble. It’s a bit farther from town than I would have liked, but considering how late I made my reservations, and my price range (high for me, but this is an expensive place), I think it’s about as good as I could hope to do. I’m staying at the Lightbourn Inn, a bed and breakfast in a nineteenth century house, with a modern addition and a small pool. My room is in the house, on the second floor, with a big bed and a tiny bathroom. The shampoo, alas, is not remotely worth stealing. It isn’t even in a bottle- just one of those little sample packets. But the weather is gorgeous and the people seem nice and I’m sure I’ll have a good time here.
After I checked in I went for a walk downtown, just to have a look around and maybe get some dinner. Duval street is definitely a party scene, but nothing compared to Bourbon. Lots of bars, lots of t-shirt shops, lots of cruise ship passengers (it’s funny how superior you feel when you aren’t one of them). I ended up on Mallory Square to watch the sunset, which is supposed to be this big and wild celebration, but I think that must be more in the high season. While I was there it was just a couple of kids doing some desultory juggling and one guy sitting up on a trapeze talking to the crowd (of mostly cruise ship passengers- a Disney ship was in port). The sunset was still beautiful, though.

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  1. Dear Daisy:
    You’ve accommplished a whole lot of things. First of all, you said you’d do it and you did! I’ll bet everyone will agree, by reading your travelogue, that you had a wonderful, eventful, eye-opening, humorous, and successful adventure!
    Adventures don’t have to achieve anything specific…just the fun and experience of the journey! I say, “Good for you!!”
    Quick question, are you going to be able to make it to Ft. Myers to see Grandpa James??? It’s a lovely drive through southwestern Florida, just up the coast, through Naples (remember “Tin City”?) etc. and you might even get some “senior citizen early bird dinner road food” out of it with Grandpa! Just curious.
    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your travels. Congratulations!
    Aunt Janis
    P.S. I think I’ve been to/through that slow driver convention, too!


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