Daisy Bateman

You Want To Know How Humid It Is Here?

It is so humid that even now, at practically midnight, the aircondtioning in my room is making water condense on my windows. That strikes me as being humid.
(I am still awake because I am following the A’s game on the web. I’m about to give up and go to bed. At least they finally managed to score some runs.)

2 thoughts on “You Want To Know How Humid It Is Here?”

  1. Hey Daisy, lost track of you at Dave’s blog- hope you are enjoying the South as much as I miss it. Am I seeing right..you are flying back to Cal? NO,NO,NO. Ya gotta see the East coast of Fla…Ft.Laud.,Daytona Beach, AND J-action-ville! Anyways, be safe and have fun. Have to catch up reading about the trip.

  2. Sadly, I’m flying back on Sunday and I’m gonna miss all of that. I really wish I could just keep going- there’s so much more that I want to see and do and I feel like I’ve barely gotten a taste of the places I’ve been to, But I guess you have to leave something to do the next time. :>
    (I’ve been reading some of Dave’s blog but not posting much- internet has been pretty spotty lately. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do when I get home.)


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