Daisy Bateman

Day 26- Definitely the Humidity

Looks like I spoke too soon. Of course, as soon as I bragged about the weather, I woke up to the sound of cars driving through the rain. I was wondering how this would affect breakfast, which is served out on the porch, and the answer turned out to be that it didn’t. But it wasn’t coming down very hard and the tree blocked most of it. I didn’t linger over my tea, though.
Between the rain and the fact that I didn’t feel like doing anything, I stayed in for most of the day. Well, not ‘in’, exactly. I actually sat out on the second floor veranda, which I had all to myself because there was no one in the only other room with access. I finished the book I was reading yesterday, then started and (eventually finished) another. Around one the rain let up for good and I went out for lunch, a meal notable both for the fact that it’s the first one I have eaten indoors since last Saturday and for the fact that I ate it in a pharmacy. The Southernmost Pharmacy in the Continental United States, to be exact. (Another Roadfood place, of course.)
The rain let up for good in the afternoon, but I still didn’t go anywhere. It was just so damn humid. The air was hot and damp and sticky and there wasn’t even a breeze to move it around. I stayed out on the porch, mostly because it seemed so lame to hang out inside when I was on vacation, but every once in a while I would retreat to the refrigerated chamber of my room for a refresher. Eventually, I roused myself enough to walk to the restaurant next door (which I hadn’t noticed before today- observant, no?) and get some sushi for dinner. A cooked item, because strange sushi restaurants are always a risky proposition. But it was good, and this close to the ocean I probably didn’t need to worry.
Later on, I ended out going down to Duval Street with another solo traveler staying at my hotel, finally fulfilling my goal of actually doing something social. Shocking, I know.

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