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The flight home yesterday (through Washington and Denver, naturally) seemed almost as the trip out, but I made it eventually. My emotionally needy cat ignored me for the first twenty minutes or so, then spent the rest of the night following me everywhere I went. My birds, for their part, just seemed happy to resume their lifelong mission of trying to bite off my fingers.
I slept long and well in the best bed in the world, which is to say, my own. The cat sleeping on my legs was only a minor distraction. I spent most of today resting, recovering, and watching everything my tivo has recorded over the last month (I still have a ways to go on that one). I had most of a sourdough baguette for lunch, and in the afternoon Mom asked me to go out and check on the horses, since there’d been word that Casey had come up lame. So I was hiking up the hill to the upper pasture, on a warm day, under a bright blue sky with just a bit of a breeze, and I thought: California isn’t really such a bad place to come home to. Even if you have to leave Key West.
Blogging will probably become lighter now that I don’t have anything to say. (Not that I’ve ever let that stop me before.) I’ve got a bunch of pictures to post, and I’ll try to get them up in the next week or so. Then who knows? Maybe something interesting will happen. Probably not, though. I think I’ve used up my quota of ‘interesting’ for a while.

2 thoughts on “Homecoming”

  1. Hi Daisy!

    Janis and I have loved following your eastern sojourn and especially the unique spin you’ve put on your descriptions. Well done and see you in December!

    Gary in Ireland

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. Are you still thinking about writing up your experiences in Ireland? It seems like you would have some good stories to tell.


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