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The Next Trip

And probably the last one for a while, since my immediate plans call for finding gainful employment. Next month, Megan (you know Megan, right?) and I are going on a cruise to Alaska, where we hope to see whales and, probably, begin to resemble them (I will, anyway; I don’t think Megan has gained so much as a pound in the last ten years. Not that I’m jealous or anything). It should be a lot of fun, if significantly less adventuresome than my last travel experience. Which is just fine with me. The way I see it, sometimes you want to drive solo across the country, watching out for roadkill and wondering if you could find yourself on a map, and sometimes you want to sit in a lounge chair on a giant floating hotel, viewing fully three-dimensional wildlife from a safe distance and occasionally staggering through a buffet line. It’s all about finding your moment.

I’m taking the satellite radio.

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  1. SOOO jealous! You must take photos. Lots and lots of photos. And eat a lobster for me 🙂

    –mary (who hopes to experience the floating hotel firsthand someday)


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