Daisy Bateman

Day 8- At Sea

On Doing Nothing There is an art to doing nothing. First, you need some good nothing to do. Books are a good choice, or t.v., and the napping option shouldn’t be overlooked. Writing in a blog isn’t a bad choice either. Writing fiction is only for when you get desperate. On board a ship at … Read more

Day 7- At Sea: Tracy Arm

Today is technically a sea day, but it’s made a bit different by the fact that we are going in the boat to see something. That would be ‘Tracy Arm’, which would appear to be some sort of geological feature carved out by glaciers. We got to Tracy Arm around five this morning and, since … Read more

Day 6- Haines

(Forgot to post yesterday. Whoops.) I’m not sure I love this port day after port day thing- it makes this whole vacation seem so much less slothful. Haines I like, though. It’s the smallest town we’ve stopped at in Alaska, and the least overrun by tourists. I realize that this marks me as one of … Read more

Day 5- Juneau

My thought, upon taking off for my first ride in a helicopter: There is no way this is going to work.Up early this morning, because we are going on a shore excursion. I always start out on cruises sure that the shore excursions organized by the cruise line are over-packaged and over-priced, and I am … Read more

Day 4- Ketchikan

Our first port stop in Alaska, and the weather isn’t cooperating. Not raining, exactly, but spitting a steady drizzle. I guess I really can’t complain too much though, since we are in a rainforest. Apparently this town gets something like thirteen feet of rain a year.We aren’t the only ship in port here; a Royal … Read more

Day 3-At Sea

Ambushed By Showgirls Another day at sea, and I think Megan is ready to go after someone with a pickaxe. More people have discovered the casino, but I was still able to find a spot to totally fail to work this morning. Actually, I only did that for a while, until I realized that what … Read more

Imagine, If You Will…

Okay so, technically, I’m back home now. And the cruise was really great, blah blah blah. The thing is, the internet connection was so slow, unreliable and expensive that I only managed to post two of my ten days at sea. So what I figured is, since I wrote about the rest of the days … Read more

Day 2- At Sea

The Glory of Room Service This morning we had breakfast, not quite in bed, but near it. Every night they give you a card to fill out, with your options for room service, which you hang on your door, and in the morning the food appears, which is really quite miraculous. The choices are limited, … Read more


Or, Guess What? I’m a Moron! So, Daisy and Megan’s Cruise Adventure is now officially underway. Actually, it was underway yesterday, but I didn’t get around to blogging until now. Wireless internet is available, but expensive. We are on a boat, after all.Sailing out under the Golden Gate yesterday was undeniable cool. Also windy. I … Read more