Daisy Bateman

Sportsmanship. Who knew?

Sometimes I feel like a kind of a jerk for being such a jerk. For example, I’m watching some cross-country skiing, I sport I only notice at four year intervals. I don’t exactly care about the event, but it does get you some nice pictures of the scenery.
Anyway, they all go in a bunch and right at the start there’s a tumble and one of the favorites goes down in it. He gets up and kind of stumbles along and then has to stop and fix his ski and as they throw it to the commercial break the commentators are talking about what a shame it is that he’s out of the race.
Fast forward through the commercials and back to the race and there he is, right up in the front of the pack. Apparently, when they realized what had happened, his teammates pushed to the front of the pack and tried to slow the race down. And the crazy thing is, it worked. The other racers didn’t just laugh and plow on by, they hung back and let the defending champion catch up, and he eventually won the silver. And I’m here wondering, how do you think like that? How do you spend your whole life training for one event and then, when it happens, decide that it’s more important that one of your competitors gets a fair break than for you to take every chance at winning?

Me, I just sit around on the couch and make fun of people’s hair.

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