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Help! I can’t stop blogging!

I wasn’t going to blog about American Idol. Why should I? Who on Earth cares what I think about American Idol? But I can’t resist. The squeamish might want to avert their eyes.

Mandeesa: How can you not love Mandeesa? Big girl, big voice, big heart. Oversang a bit, but still a favorite.

Kelly Pickler: I really want to like her; she has a great story and doesn’t have the attitude even though she’s one of the LTPGs (Less Talented Pretty Girls), but frankly, she just comes off as a cut-rate Carrie Underwood.

Becky O’Donohue: The worst of the LTPGs- this season’s Ryan Starr. Destined for a future Pussycat Dolls cover band.

Ayla Brown: LTPG #3. Talked in her interview about ‘overcoming hardships’. Yeah, like all the hardships that come with being a super-rich, highly gorgeous, senator’s daughter. You can see where she draws her inspiration.

Paris Bennett: My pick to win. Awful speaking voice, amazing singing voice and an understanding that the purpose of music is not merely to show off how fabulous you are. Needs to shave her pits, though.

Stevie Scott: Ooh, missed some notes there. Not sure she really should have quit the opera thing.

Brenna Gethers: The anti-Paris. Not sweet, not talented, not here for the finals.

Heather Cox: On American Idol: “I watch it like a stalker.” I like her. Too bad she’s not that much of a singer.

Melissa McGhee: Former beauty pagent contestant. Oddly, I don’t hate her. I do hate her eyebrows.

Lisa Tucker: Scary stage kid, with a scary stage mom, but scary good too.

Kinnik Sky: More Talented Pretty Girl. Actually, that’s not accurate; there’s nothing girlish about her. Not up with the best, but good. The denim evening gown was an interesting choice, though.

Katherine McPhee: Another good voice with an even scarier stage mom. What is it with all these young girls choosing old-person songs? Do they think the mean voting age for AI is 72?

My picks for elimination: Stevie and Brenna. Not that they will be, but they should.


Whew. I feel better now.

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