Daisy Bateman

Suggested Songs for Idol Competitors: Girls

Because they need the help (and I know you care so much):

Mandisa: ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’, Mary Chapin Carpenter
She’s shown that she can do rock and soul; I think MCC’s brand of blues-tinged country would be right up her alley.

Paris: ‘One’, U2/Mary J. Blige
The original might seem like an odd match for her, but Ms. Blige’s recent cover shows how soulful it can be.

Ayla: ‘Hollaback Girl’, Gwen Stephani
Might as well put that athletic experience to good use.

Kelly: ‘Walking on Sunshine’, Katrina and the Waves
A good match for her bubbly persona, and she needs to get away from the country thing every once in a while.

Brenna: ‘I Didn’t Steal Your Boyfriend’, Ashlee Simpson
When attitude is all you’ve got, might as well run with it. Plus, there’s no danger of being compared unfavorably to the original singer and anyway, it’s only a matter of time before she’s dating Wilmer.

Katherine: ‘Maps’, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Call me crazy, but I think it would work.

Lisa: ‘Baby Boy’, Beyonce Knowles
Honey, you’re sixteen. Have some fun already.

Heather, Kinnik and Melissa: I couldn’t remember anything distintive enough about these three to pick out songs for them. This is not a good sign.

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