Daisy Bateman

What? Like you believed me

I’m calling it- the top six guys for this year’s American Idol:AceWillTaylorElliotKevinChris Prettiest names of Olympic venues:San SicarioPragelato PlanPalovelaCesana PariolSetriere ColleSauze D’Oulx Third list of things so this post feels complete:The Straits of GilbatrarTulipsA Silver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl HenGwen StefaniCreme BruleeAce

I can quit any time I want

So, last night I had this dream that I showed up at my next writers’ group meeting with only about four pages done, and everyone was very dissappointed in me. I think this may be a sign that I need to dial back the blogging and get to work.

Help! I can’t stop blogging!

I wasn’t going to blog about American Idol. Why should I? Who on Earth cares what I think about American Idol? But I can’t resist. The squeamish might want to avert their eyes. Mandeesa: How can you not love Mandeesa? Big girl, big voice, big heart. Oversang a bit, but still a favorite. Kelly Pickler: … Read more

The Big Night

This is probably the biggest day of this Olympics so far; possibly of all. There’s the start of the ladies’ figure skating competition- ‘the marquee event of the games’, according to about thirty commentators, replete with possibilities for underdeveloped teenaged girls to fall on their butts. Then there’s the men’s 1500 speed skating race, ridiculously … Read more

Ice Dancing Costume Analysis

French team: Apparently, they came directly from defending the French Embassy in Iran. You do think they would have stopped for a change of clothes, though. Or at least to change the bandages on her head wound. American team 1: It takes a guy who is really confident in his masculinity to wear a see-through … Read more

Five Good Things About Curling

It has come to my attention that I have been a tiny bit hard on curling lately, especially considering that I haven’t actually managed to watch a match all the way through. So today I set out to rectify that, watching all of the US vs Great Britain match, except for the part in the … Read more

Gold-Medal Behavior

In the course of the games so far, I’ve seen a number of reactions to winning the gold; from stunned to proud to overcome and teary to jumping up and down with joy. Pissy is a new one.

Ice Dancing

In my opinion, any sport with rules that specifically prohibit athleticism doesn’t really count as a sport. Not to mention the fact that the women have some of the scariest damn eye makeup I’ve ever seen. And what is it about Eastern Europeans and lip liner?