Daisy Bateman


I can’t blog tonight; I’m too upset about Santino’s hideous pile of sparkly crap getting him to the final round of Project Runway. (Dear, sweet Nick and Andrae, where are you when we need you?) So I’ll just leave you with this (rather relevant) Understatement Of The Night: “Figure skating can have some pretty frightening … Read more

The Giant Golden Washer of Victory

According to Bob Costsas, the medals for this Olympics are supposed to represent an Italian piazza (not Mike). In fact, they appear to be representing a gold donut, or possibly a cd. Put a chain on it and it would be a suitable accessory for your second career in hip-hop. A few other observations: The … Read more

Sportsmanship. Who knew?

Sometimes I feel like a kind of a jerk for being such a jerk. For example, I’m watching some cross-country skiing, I sport I only notice at four year intervals. I don’t exactly care about the event, but it does get you some nice pictures of the scenery.Anyway, they all go in a bunch and … Read more

Gotta love that fast forward button

One of the great things about watching the Olympics is how fast you can become an expert in something you had previously never heard of. ‘Look at that,’ you say, ‘Look at his shoulder, way out there. And those toes! I mean, please, you call that luging?’‘I think it’s skeleton,’ says your friend.‘Whatever.’ Meanwhile NBC … Read more

Bring On The Curling!

Since I’m planning on watching approximately eight zillion hours of the winter Olympics over the next couple of weeks, I thought I’d blog about it. Which, knowing me, should last about three days before I get bored and slack off. Anyway, it should be fun while it lasts. Since I’m watching everything on Tivo, postings … Read more