Daisy Bateman

And Now For the Guys

Taylor: ‘The Runaround’, Blues Traveler
Kinda funny-looking, harmonica-playing dude, meet John Popper.

Bucky: ‘Friends in Low Places’, Garth Brooks
Not that he has a snowball’s chance in hell of making it, but a country crowd-pleaser like this might be enough to keep him around for another week.

David: ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’, Carly Simon (and others)
Old-fashioned enough for his style, modern enough to win people over.

Chris: ‘The Best of You’, Foo Fighters
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, rockers gotta rock.

Elliot: ‘With or Without You’, U2
No real reason; I just like the song and I think he could do it.

Kevin: ‘Yellow’, Coldplay
Stick to songs by white people, kid.

Sway: ‘No Myth’, Michael Penn
Well, was if he was Romeo in black jeans?

Gedeon: ‘Smile’, Nat ‘King’ Cole
Would be funny, but I doubt he could make it through this (sad) song without grinning.

Will: ‘I Want It That Way’, The Backstreet Boys’
Give the tweenyboppers what they want.

Ace: ‘Call and Answer’, Barenaked Ladies
I would just melt. Someone would literally have to come over with a roll of paper towels and mop me up off the floor.

Okay, not literally.

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