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My Picks

Now that I have successfully called one week, with Melissa leaving tonight, I think it’s time for me to put up my picks for the order in which the contestants should be voted out for the rest of the season. I will be proven wrong, of course. Kevin will probably win. Or there will be a massive case of voter fraud and the producers will have no choice but to give the title to Bobby.
1: Melissa
2: Kevin
3: Kellie
4: Bucky
5: Lisa
6: Taylor
7: Katherine
8: Paris
9: Ace
Final three: Mandisa, Chris, Elliot- Honestly, I could go with any of them for the win.

Now, do either of my loyal readers have any thoughts on the matter?

3 thoughts on “My Picks”

  1. You are probably right (about Kevin- I have no idea about the Top Model thing); I was more listing my hopes than my predictions. As far as that goes, I suspect that Kellie will last longer than she deserves too. If either of them make it to the top three, I’m staging a revolt.


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