Daisy Bateman

Here I go again

Getting ready for my next big trip- to New York in May. I haven’t been there since I was a little kid (all I remember is that it was really windy on top of the Empire State building), so I’m really excited. As is my habit, I have been gobbling up the guidebooks; one of my favorite parts of traveling. It’s like going to a new place without the trouble of finding public bathrooms!
The plan so far: I’ll leave May 11th and be on my own for a week, then Mom will come out and join me and we will go to my cousin Ella’s graduation from Sarah Lawrence. So far my must-sees are all the standard tourist spots: the Met, MoMa, the New York Public Library, the Museum of Natural History (dinosaurs!), Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. Of course, at least sixty percent of my time will be spent wandering randomly down unfamiliar streets, trying to figure out where exactly I am. I hope all that stuff about New York being safe now wasn’t too exaggerated.

And I might, just possibly, do some shopping.

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