Daisy Bateman

Day 9- Eating in Hell’s Kitchen

(For the purposes of this post, please pretend it is last Saturday. Blogging has been a little lax recently.) [A new acquaintance] asked me, in which city, out of all I had seen, I would prefer to make my home. And when I answered “New York,” it surprised them so much that I had to … Read more

Day 8- Of Trains and Family

The architect of [Grand Central} station was Whitney Warren, and the Main Concourse is his masterpiece. This noble room, 275 feet long, 120 feet wide, and 125 feet high, is a model of symmetry. The immense windows at either end are double, and passageways with floors of glass connect the two ends of the building … Read more

Day 7- Daisy and Mom Take On the Town

Fifth Avenue is still the great shopping street of New York, although it is not quite as smart as it used to be. In recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of cut-rate “linen” shops along FIfth Avenue, and the smaller smart stores, and some of the large ones, are deserting … Read more

Day 6- Panoramas of New York City

So, I didn’t post yesterday (see below), because I was grumpy. And even I know that when I’m grumpy, the best thing to do is just to leave me alone and wait until I get over it. Anyway, moving on: The Empire State Building is the tallest structure yet erected by man. It is 102 … Read more

Day 5- Patriotism, Tragedy and a Dirty Puppet Show

Okay, I’m over my crankiness now. Unfortunately, I’ve also forgotten most of my brilliant observations, so we’ll have to make do with whatever I can come up with at this point. Today I finally decided that the weather was nice enough for my planned trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It started … Read more

By the way

What do people think about the quotes? Fun? Annoying? Flagrant copyright violation? Not that I’m likely to change anything, I’m just curious.

Day 4- Nature: Dead or Alive

[The American Museum of Natural History] is decidedly one of those things that must not be missed… Be sure to visit the Asiatic Hall, the collection of dinosaurs (unique), the exhibit of the life and art of the American Indian, the new exhibit of bird life and anything else your time or your tired feet … Read more

Day 2- Shopped Until Dropped

Although it would be possible to go on indefinitely, I think that I have listed enough places to make a devastating gap in all but the most unlimited budget. And if you will only window shop a little while you are doing your sightseeing, many other things will suggest themselves to you. . . So … Read more

Day 1- Around the World in Eight Hours (give or take)

While other museums may have a finer collection of some particular specialty, in general value and interest the Metropolitan is supreme. There is almost nothing imaginable of worth or beauty, from paintings through sculpture to early American furniture and antique jewelry, that is not worthily represented and well displayed.-Cue’s Guide to New York City, chap. … Read more