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Hot Damn

Well, it seems a little early in the year for best-of lists, but Booklist has done just that. And the cool thing is, one of their choices in my fellow writing-group member Cornelia Read’s first novel, Field of Darkness (in stores everywhere, May 8!). I admit, I have not read this book, since I joined the writing group after she finished it, but I will say that reading the first draft of her second book caused me to wonder why I even bother, because there is no way I am ever going to be that good.
My point is, if you like books, you should read this one.

3 thoughts on “Hot Damn”

  1. You HAVE TO bother, because I have to see how QUARANTOWN turns out. It is the best thing I’ve read in forever, and you are amazingly talented.

    So there.

    xxxxxxxx, C

  2. Daisy, you’re a great writer. Do your best in your own voice and others will worry that they’ll never be as good as you! (A thought that has crossed MY mind as I’ve read your blog!)


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