Daisy Bateman

Day 0- Arrival

Although flying is steadily on the increase, passengers arrive in New York by rail in thousands to the air line’s tens. The finest trains from the West arrive at either the Pennsylvania Station or the Grand Central Terminal…
– Cue’s Guide to New York City, Chap. 1: How to Get to New York

I don’t know what the great rail terminals of the forties looked like, but I think it’s safe to assume they were pretty much equivalent to the Jet Blue terminal at JFK.
It was after ten when my flight got in, so I went contrary to my upbringing and actually took a cab from the airport. Because, yeah, it’s expensive, and yeah, there’s a train, but there are times when my usual habit of getting hopelessly lost in strange cities seems slightly less charming. Besides, something just seemed right about arriving in Manhattan in a real, honest-to-god yellow cab. Even if he didn’t find the hotel on the first try.

I can’t really blame the cab driver for that, though, seeing as the hotel itself, while nice, is not technically finished, in the sense of having actual signs or anything. But they did have a banner up on the awning, and it didn’t take too long to find. It’s really quite a chic place, very modern and boutique-y.
My room is, shall we say, cozy, and smells very faintly of paint. The good news is that it’s on the twentieth floor, with lots of window to look in in the other buildings, and it has free internet at chocolate. (Yes Mom, I checked- it really is free. I got the Cadbury bar, I’ll save you the Hershey’s.) It also has a nice, soft-looking bed, which I think I am going to take advantage of right now, because I have a big day coming up tomorrow.

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