Daisy Bateman

Day 2- Shopped Until Dropped

Although it would be possible to go on indefinitely, I think that I have listed enough places to make a devastating gap in all but the most unlimited budget. And if you will only window shop a little while you are doing your sightseeing, many other things will suggest themselves to you. . . So tuck aside enough money to get home on, and have a good time.
-Cue’s guide to New York City, chap. 14: Shopping

My stated plan for today was that I would go to Soho and see the art galleries. Only it happens that my information was a little bit outdated, and most of the galleries have relocated to Chelsea, and Soho is now mostly the home of high-end stores. Tragic, I know. The only art exhibition I ended up viewing was the display of skirts through the ages (really, I have the program) at the Prada store. I was not technically shopping there, even at my most shopping-crazed, I am not a Prada customer, but I did try on a dress, if only for the thrill of seeing the dressing room walls go from clear to opaque with the push of a button. Lacking the five grand, though, I had to pass on the outfit.

What I did purchase was a purse. This was not an impulse buy- I needed (okay, wanted) a new purse and I had my mind set on getting one here. And I found one that was absolutely perfect for me. It was a very sensible purchase, as long as we don’t bring up the price. Seriously, don’t even mention it. Besides, we have to consider price-per-use here. It will be very economical as long I never buy another purse for the rest of my life.

I got lunch at an apparently very popular bistro called Balthazar, by being by myself and sitting at the bar. Really, I wouldn’t have had it any other way- the bartender was so entertaining it was like lunch and a show. The food was pretty good too.

The shops in Soho were fun, but I as I was not the only person who was aware of this, the place was absolutely swamped with tourists. So I took the advice of the lady at the Marc Jacobs store (it’s amazing how friendly people are when they’re making a massive commision) and walked over to the West Village.

I think if I lived in New York, and had the money, I would like to live in this part. Strings of pricey boutiques aside, it had a nicely laid-back, almost Californian air to it, only with more brickwork. I didn’t make any purchases here, expect an iced chai at a coffeeshop, purchased mostly because I wanted to use their bathroom. I’m going back tomorrow for the shoes. (After another day of walking my feet were too swollen to get a good idea of fit.)

This entire time, the weather had been gorgeous. I was about to decide that New York forecasters are just hopeless pessimists when, as I was on my way to visit Washington Square park before going back when the skies opened up. Fortunately, one of my requirements for purses is ‘big enough to hold an umbrella’, so at least my head stayed dry. My feet, not so much.

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