Daisy Bateman

Day 3- The Good, The Bad and The Cupcake

In the back of my mind is always the feeling that I am unrestricted- that I never have to ask what I can do, but only decide what I shall do- and that no matter what diversion I may prefer at the moment- whether it be Wagner or Whoopee- the best of it in the world is waiting for me just around the corner.
-Cue’s Guide to New York City, Introduction

-Today I got up bright and early and went to Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Okay, nine-twenty. But that’s early in Pacific time.

-I’m not usually one to go to church on vacation (or at home, for that matter), but how often do you get to hear an Archbishop lead a Mass in a massive gothic cathedral?

-After Mass I went to Times Square, which was quite the contrast. When you require that every new building in a neighborhood have a massive video screen or display of lights, it does interesting things to the general ambience of the area. Specifically, it attracts lots and lots of tourists, plus a guy in underpants and a cowboy hat getting his picture taken with them.

-I went back for the shoes. They are good shoes. They were sixty percent off. This is not a bad thing.

-On the same block as the shoe store is the Magnolia Bakery, famous for its cupcakes. It is a tiny place, and there always seems to be a line out the door. It’s probably the only bakery in the world with it’s own bouncer. Anyway, I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I stood in the line and got myself a cupcake and a cup of cocoa, and went to the park on the corner to eat it. It was a good cupcake, a tasty cupcake, but not an earth-shaking cupcake. But somehow, from all of the people lined up to fill their boxes with them, I got the impression that it was not the physical properties of the pastries that were drawing the people, it was where you got them. These were status cupcakes.

-I really do have an almost magical ability to always choose the exact wrong direction whenever I am given the choice. Seriously, I did it about five times today- didn’t get it right once. I really should carry a compass.

-Eating at the bar in fancy restaurants is my new favorite thing. Today it was the Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern, with less entertaining but very solicitous bartenders and the best fish stew I could ever imagine having. Plus, if you have a coke, it gets refilled constantly.

-The World’s Biggest Macy’s is a lot like a Macy’s, only bigger.

-Why am I such a sucker for skin-care product salespeople? I need to work on that.

-Despite the highly confusing map and schedules and the faint but pervasive smell of urine, the subway system is really quite handy.

-Three straight nights in New York City spent in my hotel room! I’m going for the record.

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