Daisy Bateman

Photographic memory

I can never leave for a trip without forgetting something. This time it was my camera. I’ll get a disposable one for the time being, but I won’t be posting any pictures until I get back.

Day 0- Arrival

Although flying is steadily on the increase, passengers arrive in New York by rail in thousands to the air line’s tens. The finest trains from the West arrive at either the Pennsylvania Station or the Grand Central Terminal…– Cue’s Guide to New York City, Chap. 1: How to Get to New York I don’t know … Read more

Cue’s Guide to New York City

Sooner or later all the best and the worst of the world will gravitate to New York. And it is so easy to choose the best if you want it. Surprisingly enough, too, it is usually inexpensive, provided you stick to a particular type of best. It is up to you whether you choose the … Read more

Ready? Set? No.

My plane leaves tomorrow at 1:30. So far, my preparation for leaving has consisted of getting out my suitcase and watching everything on my tivo to clear up space. As much as I enjoy planning my trips, when it comes down to actually getting ready I’m not quite so dedicated.

No, I’m flying

It has happened a few times now that I have told people I am going to New York and they have asked me, “Are you driving?” Apparently, I have developed a reputation.

Hot Damn

Well, it seems a little early in the year for best-of lists, but Booklist has done just that. And the cool thing is, one of their choices in my fellow writing-group member Cornelia Read’s first novel, Field of Darkness (in stores everywhere, May 8!). I admit, I have not read this book, since I joined … Read more