Daisy Bateman

Alma Mater Alert!

I was watching Mythbusters the other night, and I coudn’t understand why I kept experiencing feelings of depression and rising dread. It wasn’t about the the show, which was good clean fun about car accidents and drowning (after all, they don’t just tell the myths, they put them to the test). And it wasn’t because … Read more

Prepackaged Ice

I have this theory. My theory is that Armageddon already happened, and nobody noticed. All of the good people ascended into heaven but there were only about nineteen of them so it didn’t get a lot off attention, and now the rest of us are all living in the end of days. For those who … Read more


Remember how I was complaining about how cold it gets in San Francisco in the summer (see below)? Yeah. Nevermind.

Vampires? In San Francisco? Booooo*

So, my friends Ben and Beverly got married last weekend. And it was lovely wedding indeed, with activities spread out over four days. I assume they are spending their entire honeymoon sleeping it off. Anyway, the first event I was involved in was Ben’s bachelor party, held on Saturday night. It was not exactly deboucherous, … Read more