Daisy Bateman

Alma Mater Alert!

I was watching Mythbusters the other night, and I coudn’t understand why I kept experiencing feelings of depression and rising dread. It wasn’t about the the show, which was good clean fun about car accidents and drowning (after all, they don’t just tell the myths, they put them to the test). And it wasn’t because I was depressed or dreading anything, because it was only Thursday. Then it hit me: the promos for Shark week, in the commercial breaks I was fast-forwarding through, were all filmed at Caltech. Which also explains my sudden concern about keeping track of my units.

For those interested (and you know who you are) sites sighted are Millikan pond, the lawn in front of Gates, the Gene Pool, a couple of classrooms (Noyes, maybe?) and the Olive Walk in front of the arches between Ricketts and Flemming.

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