Daisy Bateman

Day 6- Kona

One nice thing about going west for a vacation is that the time change actually works in your favor. Hawaii is three hours behind California, and as a result we’ve been getting up by 7:30 or eight every morning, which is nothing short of revolutionary in my case. It was a particularly good thing that … Read more

Day 5 continued- Volcano Sail-By

In a shocking change of pace, tonight’s event of intrest occurred on the boat (“The Super 8 of the Seas”). Or, more accurately, about half a mile away from the boat, because that’s about as close as you can get to flowing lava in a cruise ship. Actually, it was pretty cool. We were sailing … Read more


Yep, it happened again. I’m back from my trip and I haven’t finished with the blogging yet. Turns out, I was spending too much time having fun to write about how much fun I was having. You can just imagine how bad I feel about that. Anyway, I’ll try to finish this up over the … Read more

Day 5- Hilo

Today’s Lesson: Curiosity may or may not have ever killed a cat, but it did make me eat the chocolate-covered squid. Our first day on the big island, and Megan and I split up again. It’s not that we aren’t getting along but, having covered career, family and relationships and, politics and religion being off … Read more

Day 4- A little more Kauai

Today’s Lesson: No lesson today. We’re on vacation. Aside from Maui, where we arrived, this is the only place we are staying overnight, and we have an extra half day in Kauai. Since the boat was leaving at one, we opted not to do the car thing and Megan and I split up to pursue … Read more

Day 3- Kauai

Today’s Lesson: Nothing is ever perfect, but sometimes you can get close enough. Our third island in as many days, and I have to admit, I’m starting to get kind of dizzy. There’s something to be said for those long sea days between ports, with nothing to do but sit around and work your way … Read more

Day 2- Oahu

Today’s Lesson: You get what you pay for. There is an image of Oahu I want to remember. I’m sitting on the lanai, outside of the spa, having been massaged to within an inch of my life, sipping orange-flavored water and looking out at an ocean and a sky so blue that if I saw … Read more

Day 1- Maui

I got a bad sunburn today. I blame Raymond Chandler. Today was Maui, where we technically arrived last night, but didn’t really notice until this morning. Our visit began, as all tropical vacations must, at Walmart. We needed a few things, like lip balm and water and a hat and a power strip (our room, … Read more

And They’re Off

(I want you to know that I am spending good money on internet access, so blogging may be kind of rushed.) Well, we made it, after eleven hours in transit, only five of which were actually spent going anywhere. Getting there, when it involves modern air travel, really isn’t any portion of the fun. Getting … Read more