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Day 4- A little more Kauai

Today’s Lesson: No lesson today. We’re on vacation.

Aside from Maui, where we arrived, this is the only place we are staying overnight, and we have an extra half day in Kauai. Since the boat was leaving at one, we opted not to do the car thing and Megan and I split up to pursue our own activities. She went on a shore excursion to see the botanical garden, and I stayed behind to do approximately nothing. That is, I did get off the ship, and walked down to the mini-mall set up for the purpose of bleeding a few dollars out of the lazier cruise passengers (to lazy to even take one of the several “shuttles” to various shopping locations). But even I couldn’t find anything to purchase there, aside from a shave ice (lychee flavor), which I ate while walking along the wall above the little beach by the port. Then, because it was really too hot for even that much physical activity, I went back to the boat and sat by the pool (in the shade) and read.

I finished two books today.

Our one event of the afternoon was to sail by Kauai’s mountainous north coast, with its knife-edge cliffs and gorgeous, inaccessible pocket beaches, made oddly familiar because they shot some of Jurassic park here. Didn’t spot any velociraptors, though.

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