Daisy Bateman

The Road to Hana

So, we drove to Hana. That is, I drove, and Megan clung to the door and rethought the whole atheism thing. The road was too winding to build up much in the way of speed, but the profusion of blind curves and one-lane bridges more than made up for it. We stopped periodically to look … Read more

Alrighty Then

Having now had my uncharacteristic and, frankly, embarassing, moment of sincerity, blogging will now return to normal. What I remember of the rest of Maui and an important message about cruise ship photography to follow shortly. Watch this space.


It’s a long way from Fremont to Willits, in just about every way, and the drive gives you a lot of time to think about things, especially if you’re trying not to think about something else. One of the things I ended up thinking about was my job. I’ll admit, after the end of my … Read more


Written on 9/12/06 Sometimes things don’t turn out okay. Yesterday, at work, I got a call from Mom. Two calls, actually, I was just starting to play the one on my voicemail (I had been away from my desk, refilling my fishtank) when my cellphone rang. I did not know right away that something was … Read more

Day 7- Maui and Out

Our last day in Hawaii does not begin well. As soon as they process your account, cruise ships loose all interest in you, and their focus is on getting you off the boat as quickly as possible. This pulls some focus from, for example, dealing with all of the people who have found mistakes on … Read more