Daisy Bateman

Day 7- Maui and Out

Our last day in Hawaii does not begin well. As soon as they process your account, cruise ships loose all interest in you, and their focus is on getting you off the boat as quickly as possible. This pulls some focus from, for example, dealing with all of the people who have found mistakes on their bills, such as a waiter having charged someone else’s bottle of wine to their account. Just, you know, as an example. Plus they lost (okay, temporarily misplaced) my luggage. People talk a lot about the importance of first impressions, but for my money last impressions have a lot more impact on whether or not they will ever be getting any more of my money.

Things improved significantly once we were finally off the boat and in the rental car, a nice small one this time. Our plan for the day was to drive the road to Hana, thirty-some miles of twisty, waterfall-studded goodness.

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