Daisy Bateman

Good Idea/Bad Idea Gift Guide 2

Sweaters Good Idea:A nice sweater, without your employer’s logo: Bad Idea:A sweater with your employer’s logo. Which you paid money for. (Actual text of an email sent by said employer:Tis’ the season to begin shopping……. To ring in the holiday, XXX’s online company store is offering selected items at discounted prices!! All items are in-stock … Read more

Bad to the Subdermal Layer

Happy Halloween! This year, for reasons are now unclear, my lab decided to all dress up as biker-punks for the company Halloween party. With scooters. Here’s a picture of some of us: Left to right: Marcia, me, Benny (who designed the shirts– note the antibody on the skull), Fiona, Hongxia, ~1/3 of Paul Everybody, with … Read more