Daisy Bateman

Is Somebody Cooking In Here?

Before you get laser surgery on your eye, they tell you a lot of things. They tell you about the drops you’re going to need to use, and how long it will take to recover and what, exactly the laser is doing in there. What they don’t tell you about is the smell. (Also: Apparently, … Read more

Good Idea/Bad Idea Gift Guide 2

Sweaters Good Idea:A nice sweater, without your employer’s logo: Bad Idea:A sweater with your employer’s logo. Which you paid money for. (Actual text of an email sent by said employer:Tis’ the season to begin shopping……. To ring in the holiday, XXX’s online company store is offering selected items at discounted prices!! All items are in-stock … Read more

Bad to the Subdermal Layer

Happy Halloween! This year, for reasons are now unclear, my lab decided to all dress up as biker-punks for the company Halloween party. With scooters. Here’s a picture of some of us: Left to right: Marcia, me, Benny (who designed the shirts– note the antibody on the skull), Fiona, Hongxia, ~1/3 of Paul Everybody, with … Read more