Daisy Bateman

The Three Kinds of People

1. those who would look at a bowl of stale doughnuts and think nothing, 2. those who dream of throwing them and 3. those who would actually do it. (Source: A Czech humorist, name unknown because it didn’t come up on the first couple of pages of Google hits.) I think I’m the second kind … Read more

GI/BIGG 7: Last-Minute Shopping

Good Idea*: The fanciest bottle of wine at the supermarket you can afford. At this point, you’re making up for a lack of thoughtfulness with expense. *Unless the intended recipient is a small child or recovering alcoholic. Or current alcoholic, for that matter. That’s just mean. In these cases, admit defeat and give cash. Bad … Read more

GI/BIGG 6: For the Cook

Good Idea: A paring knife. Of course, the person you are shopping for already has a paring knife. Or, at least, he or she is sure there is one around here somewhere, only people keep taking it to open packages or unscrew the back of the dvd player, because who knows where the screwdriver went, … Read more

Speaking of Holiday Music…

I have a bone to pick with the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band-Aid (which, if you will recall, was one of those collections of famous singers who cut charity singles for Africa, back when it was a place you sent money to, rather than where you went baby shopping), and I feel … Read more