Daisy Bateman

GI/BIGG 6: For the Person You Don’t Know What to Get For- Male

Good Idea:

Nerf Weaponry

You might think the guy you are buying a gift for is too mature for this kind of thing. You are wrong.

Bad Idea:


Most guys do not want to wear cologne. Those who do have one particular kind that they have been applying the exactly the same amount of in exactly the same way since they were seventeen and they are perfectly happy with it.

The only exception here is if the guy in question has taken to coating himself with a thick layer of Axe Body Spray, because he believes the ads that explicitly state that this will make all women, everywhere, want to have sex with him when in fact it makes him smell like a cheap bathroom deodorizer. In this case, just about anything will be an improvement.

4 thoughts on “GI/BIGG 6: For the Person You Don’t Know What to Get For- Male”

  1. There are exceptions- John actually has 3 or 4 colognes that he changes seasonally. Still, choosing one for someone else is rather difficult. Nerf guns are right on the money, though. 🙂


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