Daisy Bateman

GI/BIGG 7: Last-Minute Shopping

Good Idea*:

The fanciest bottle of wine at the supermarket you can afford. At this point, you’re making up for a lack of thoughtfulness with expense.

*Unless the intended recipient is a small child or recovering alcoholic. Or current alcoholic, for that matter. That’s just mean. In these cases, admit defeat and give cash.

Bad Idea:

Anything else from the supermarket. Nothing says “I didn’t think of you until about twelve hours ago” like a hastily assembled basket of deli products.

More Bad Ideas:
wiper fluid
a toothbrush you got from the dentist (especially if you have the same dentist)
handmade coupons “good for one free backrub”, unless you usually charge
decorative rocks
anything that looks like it might have been picked out of the donation barrel at the Y
food stamps
hotel toiletries

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