Daisy Bateman

Road Trip!

Last night, there was a potluck at my friends Ben and Beverly’s house in Santa Clara (theme: sticky foods). Mary, Abigail and I carpooled there, in order to conserve Earth’s precious natural resources and discuss critical issues of the day, such as whether or not the song on the radio was by Styx. To get … Read more

An Important Life Lesson

When you are at a fancy restaurant, and you ask the waitress for some water, and she asks you “Still or sparkling?” what do you say to prevent yourself for having to pay eight dollars for a pint of Norwiegan tap water? Do you say sparkling? Do you say still? No! You say tap!


The nominees for the 2007 Edgar Awards were announced today and Cornelia (who I will from now on refer to as “my close personal friend, Cornelia Read”) is up for best first novel! So, you know, yay!

Hey, I’m famous!

. . . As a bad example. Really, were you expecting anything else? Brilliant bestselling author Tess Gerritsen based a recent blog post on a recent comment of mine on why I can’t manage to write stories in a scientific setting, because I get too caught up in the details and trying to get everything … Read more

March Madness, Here We Come!

Caltech Men’s Basketball Team Wins First Game In Ten Years The funny thing is, their last win seems to have happened when I was a sophomore, and yet I remember nothing of this momentous occasion. (Ben? David? Help me out here; was there a party and I just wasn’t invited?) I do remember that CNN … Read more