Daisy Bateman

My Entry For the American Idol Song Competition

This year, the producers of American Idol have decided to choose the song to be sung by the winner in the finale from a national competition. This is my entry, a song that I think really expresses the true, innermost feelings of the winner at the moment of victory (lyrics only as, sadly, I have the musical ability of a medium-sized trout).

The Heart of Victory

Here I am, standing in the spotlight
Well for once, America got it right

I’m the winner, I knew I would be
By the way, I also act
I’m gonna be bigger than Kelly
Soon as I get out of my contract
And the thousands of hopefuls who came
Are thousands of losers today
So take a good look at your dream
And go back to your job at Tarjay

So I guess I’ll see ya
Sure wouldn’t wanna be ya
You’ll never be like me
And if you think you might be
Then you can just bite me

The finalists I was up against
Had their moments, but not this one
They really thought they had a chance
But they lost and I won
Ooh, losing in this race
May be for your own good
I just know you’ll find a place
Guest-hosting Access Hollywood


(Rap Interlude)
I’ll hug you now, but I think you can see
Second place is just first loser to me
You think you’re a Clay, but you’re just a Justin
Ten minutes from now, you’ll be in the dustbin
The bloggers may whine and your momma may boo
But we all know I won ‘cause I’m better than you

Sometimes the judges didn’t even like me
But they can just bite me
Go ahead and bite me

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