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Road Trip!

Last night, there was a potluck at my friends Ben and Beverly’s house in Santa Clara (theme: sticky foods). Mary, Abigail and I carpooled there, in order to conserve Earth’s precious natural resources and discuss critical issues of the day, such as whether or not the song on the radio was by Styx. To get to Santa Clara from Berkeley (by way of Alameda, where I am housesitting) you take 880 south, jog over on 237 and go the rest of the way on surface streets. Normally.
(maps courtesy of Mary)

The correct way to get to and from Ben and Beverly’s:

How we got there:

And how we got back:

All this with three people, two sets of directions and one Thomas guide* in the car. Plus one call for directions that resulted in Ben calling Beverly “Helena”, eventually forcing me to demand that “Everybody stop yelling at each other and give me directions.”
The party was a lot of fun, though, and people ate all of my satay with peanut sauce.

*To be fair, the Thomas guide did not enter play until fairly late in the game.

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